Corporate Governance

Board Committees

Since January 2007, the standing committees of our board of directors consist of an audit committee, a compensation committee and a nominating committee. Each member of our committees is ‘‘Independent’’ as such term is defined under and required by the federal securities laws and the rules of The NASDAQ Stock Market.

Audit Committee

The audit committee’s duties are to recommend to our board of directors the engagement of independent auditors to audit our financial statements and to review our accounting and auditing principles. The audit committee reviews the scope, timing and fees for the annual audit and the results of audit examinations performed by the internal auditors and independent public accountants, including their recommendations to improve the system of accounting and internal controls.

The audit committee oversees the independent auditors, including their independence and objectivity. However, the committee members are not acting as professional accountants or auditors, and their functions are not intended to duplicate or substitute for the activities of management and the independent auditors. The audit committee is empowered to retain independent legal counsel and other advisors as it deems necessary or appropriate to assist the audit committee in fulfilling its responsibilities, and to approve the fees and other retention terms of the advisors.

Each of our audit committee members are, in the opinion of our board of directors, ‘‘Independent’’ as defined by the federal securities laws and The NASDAQ Stock Market and possess an understanding of financial statements and generally accepted accounting principles. Mr. Bush is a qualified financial expert as defined in Item 407(d)(5)(ii) of Regulation S-B and serves as chairman of the audit committee.

Compensation Committee

The compensation committee periodically reviews and approves our salary and benefits policies, including compensation of executive officers. The compensation committee also administers our stock option plans and recommends and approves grants of stock options under such plans.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee considers and makes recommendations on matters related to the practices, policies and procedures of the board and takes a leadership role in shaping our corporate governance. As part of its duties, the committee assesses the size, structure and composition of the board and board committees, coordinates evaluation of board performance and reviews board compensation.

The committee also acts as a screening and nominating committee for candidates considered for election to the board. In this capacity it concerns itself with the composition of the board with respect to depth of experience, balance of professional interests, required expertise and other factors. The committee evaluates prospective nominees identified on its own initiative or referred to it by other board members, management, stockholders or external sources and all self-nominated candidates. The committee uses the same criteria for evaluating candidates nominated by stockholders and self-nominated candidates as it does for those proposed by other board members, management and search companies.

Code of Ethics

Our board of directors has adopted a code of conduct and ethics that establishes the standards of ethical conduct applicable to all directors, officers and employees of our company. The code addresses, among other things, conflicts of interest, compliance with disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting, corporate opportunities and confidentiality requirements. The audit committee is responsible for applying and interpreting our code of conduct and ethics in situations where questions are presented to it.